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Delaware FurBowl 7: August 1st - Maryland Furs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Delaware FurBowl 7: August 1st [Jul. 8th, 2009|09:30 pm]


Because what fur doesn't like to throw their balls around!

What: Eating and Bowling!

When: Saturday August 1st, 7:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Where: International Grill Buffet, AMF Price Lanes

Details: We'll be meeting at the International Grill Buffet which is in Wilmington DE, along Kirkwood Highway, near party city, at 7:30PM. We'll head inside grab some really delicious buffet food. Expect $15 for all you can eat plus a drink.

You will be paying the restaurant directly instead of me.

Around 8:30 we'll be leaving there and heading right down the road to AMF Price Lanes. We should get there just in time for cosmic bowling. Expect to bring about $15 for two games and shoes.

You will be paying the bowling lanes directly instead of me.


International Grill Buffet

AMF Lanes

Directions from International Grill Buffet to AMF Lanes


You can RSVP by either commenting here or messaging me. Tell me how many folks are coming and what you'll be coming for.

I'm bringing myself and my friend. We will both be there and will both be eating and bowling.

Showing up at random gives me gray hairs. I don't need my stripes fading just yet!


Can I just hang out?
Sure you can come to just hang out! Lots of folks come to just socialize!

Do I need to spend any money?
Nobody is going to fault you for pinching your pennies however, buying a soda at the resteraunt, or some food from the bowling alley, helps ensure they enjoy hosting our group.

How much should I bring for everything?
Expect to spend about $30 for both events.

Can I wear my fursuit?
Fursuits at the bowling lanes are all groovy and cool as long as you're comfy signing the legal waiver. However do not suit to the buffet. For practicalities sake as well as good will with the restaurant. Tails/ears however are encouraged. Just remember that it's on a Saturday and will more than likely be a bit crowded with mundane folk.

And with that I hope to see you all there for a great night of fur, food, and fun!