Maryland Furs

for Furs in the Maryland- Northeast coast area!

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This is a community for any furries living in the Northeast area wanting to chat it up!!

Feel free to share art, writing, commission info, furbid auctions, pointers, tutorials, etc!
I do not mind if you advert other communities, but once is enough. Please dont spam the community.

NO TROLLS. i wil personally get you banned from the community. one strike you're out.

No flaming. Period.
No arguing. Debates and arguments are different. If I see one person getting ganged up on for saying something"stupid" I will ban everyone involved. Period.

if you post pictures, make sure to use an lj cut.

and sorry, but only members can reply to entries. I dont want the random trolling.

Don't join just for drama. That's what elfwood is for.

feel free to lurk for a while if you would just want to observe before joining. Also, if you are new to the fandom, feel free to ask questions!
Have fun!!